Some guys promise their loved ones to get a star from the sky, or run thousand miles… but what would you really do if you loved someone and you wanted to pop the question ‘Will you marry me’ ? How special and exceptional can you make the day and the ring? Is it just about going into the most expensive jewellery shop, choose the ring recommended by the shop assistant, kneel in front of your love and put the ring on their finger? It seems easy…

When one of my friends told me he was going to have an engagement ring made for his girlfriend I got really excited. Why?  How often do you really hear someone saying they are going to have their engagement ring made for their loved one?  These products have got soul, they have got passion, they have got character and they have got story to tell – that’s what makes them unique.

The ring my friend had made for his girlfriend is definitely a one off piece created by London based jeweller Lila’s. The whole process started with exchange of sketches of ring design until the groom to be was happy with the final version. Once this stage was over, he then had to choose materials the ring was to be made of which the jeweller then had to source. In this case, my friend requested a pink diamond to be mounted on a ring which apparently set the jeweller on quite a mission to source it as it was a rare gem stone. It was finally sourced from Argyle diamond mine in Australia.

Once the ring was ready, I had pleasure of collecting it with my friend at Lila’s jewellery shop a week before Christmas and spoke with the owner of the shop Catalina Rosca who made me realise that people will go to different lengths to make their loved ones happy by treating them to beautiful and unique pieces of jewellery…

It’s a fact. My friend thought the whole engagement day through to every detail and had been planning it for months waiting for their dream holidays in Australia to come where he popped the question in romantic vineyard on the 22.12.15.



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