Last Sunday I was sitting in a cafe and having my coffee over The Sunday Times. Flicking through pages of the paper and all the glossy extras that come with it, my attention was drawn to a black and white shoe with a golden heel. The content page where the shoe was on, stated that ‘Nicholas Kirkwood leads the Brit advance as we look ahead to the top trends for 2014’

To be honest, I have never heard about Nicholas Kirkwood so I was interested to find a bit more about the designer/shoemaker. When I was doing my ‘homework’ I realized that his shoes were indispensable accessories of different celebrities who went mad about Kirkwood. And, if I were a woman I would probably wear them too.

Nicholas Kirkwood is a graduate of Central St Martins in London who came to fame in 2005 after launching his collection that grabbed the attention of likes such as Grace Jones and Cecilia Dean. Since then, Kirkwood has been delivering collections that created perfection and a high skill craftsmanship.

His collections are always inspired by structural shapes and incorporate strong clean lines. They do not have any excessive decorative elements and that what makes Nicholas Kirkwood an innovator in this field.


When you read great reviews and see amazing pictures, you want to see it in reality. So, Monday evening after work I packed my camera into my bag-pack, left my work desk in a mess and run to the tube to get to central London to find Kirkwood shoes in one of exclusive shops of London. Dear staff of the shop, I do apologize if I was a horrible intruder, but seeing the shoes was like being on some high!!!

DSC_0017 DSC_0016

The shoes are light, well made and when you hold them in your hands you can tell it is quality. I am not saying it because they are expensive designer shoes that have been shown in the press, but because you can see excellent craftsmanship for which I would be willing to pay…

You can buy Nicholas Kirkwood shoes on his website:


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