When Who’s On Next? show ended, I texted a friend of mine saying I have just seen such a cool spring/summer ’15 knitwear collection for women. She texted back, saying ‘Knitwear in summer???it should be worn in winter…’

I think that this is the first thing people think of, and, to be honest, I am not surprised by their reaction. The first association that usually comes to peoples’ heads when they hear the word ‘knitwear’ is a thick and warm item of clothing made of wool, but what people usually forget about is the fact that knitwear can also include cotton or silk, for example, making the garment looking more fluid, delicate, comfortable and cool.

Tak.Ori is all about knitwear and making it as exciting and fun as possible. Svetlana Taccori, who is the founder and creative director of the Tak.Ori label, created the brand after fifteen years of work in the luxury fashion industry and is now conquering hearts of celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Rita Ora or Mira Duma, who have been spotted wearing Tak.Ori designs.

The 1920’s inspired  spring/summer 2015 collection by Tak.Ori,  presented during Who’s On Next?, is all about fluidity, elegance, comfort and femininity. Svetlana Taccori created collection in whichcolours such as black, white, grey and blue are mixed with occasional motifs of pastel floral prints, stripes and…light bulbs blowing kisses, which indicates the funny and slightly rebellious side to the collection.

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