It must be quite hard for a designer to set up their own label just by opening a shop and hoping for success. Miracles rarely happen – especially in the world of fashion. It is either a designer puts their time and effort in promoting their brand or they start working for big fashion houses…

Altaroma and Vogue Italia have been collaborating for ten years now to promote new emerging designers who produce in Italy. Thanks to this project, new names get to be seen on national and international fashion scene, and, lets be honest – every time a contest has got Vogue stamp on it, it will always create interest.

When I came over to Rome for the fashion week I asked some people what shows they had been really looking forward to and most of them said WHO IS ON NEXT? It was quite clear from people’s answers that they wanted to see something completely new and exciting. I am sure they were not disappointed – I wasn’t at all.
Salvatore Piccione  graduated from Instiuto Europeo Di Design in Rome in 2008 and gained recognition thanks to different scholarships and competitions he took part in (My Own Show IED-Vogue Italia or Professione Moda Giovani Stillisti).
As for an emerging designer, Salvatore Piccione has been involved in many projects and collaborations. Some of the labels include Swarowski, Topshop, Pablo Bronstein, Longschamp, Celine, Hobbs, Arpel Fur magazine, not to mention working with Mary Katrantzou as fashion and print designer.
Piccione.Piccione label created by Salvatore is all about a woman who wants to be beautiful, feminine, and look effortless. Salvatore is cleverly mixing colours, geometric prints with different motifs, such as birds or flowers, and creates pieces that are on trend, beautiful and far from being kitschy! His love for detail is seen in each piece. Each garment is always beautifully embroidered and embellished, showing that Piccione.Piccione label is all about perfection and great execution.
When I saw Salvatore straight after the WHO IS ON NEXT SHOW?, he was surrounded by so many well-wishers, journalists and fans that it was really hard to speak to him even for a second. Luckily, I spotted Salvatore a few hours after the show when we were entering Vogue Italia WHO IS ON NEXT?tenth anniversary party organised by Alatroma and Vogue Italia and I had a chance to say how I loved the collection and have my photograph taken with him. I said to Salvatore that he was going to be as big as D&G as it reminded me of their early collections… He smiled…
There must be something in Sicilian sun and food as the island continuously delivers great talents that become household names. I am keeping my fingers crossed for Salvatore and his label.
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  1. I love Piciine.Piccione and his delicate, feminine yet botanique woman.
    I’m also happy to see your new website. It looks cool my friend. Trendy and minimal as you are. Let’s talk very soon and please stay on truck, you have talent.


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