I love scrolling through my Instagram feed and I do so a few times a day. Some of my friends think I am addicted and, well, I think they are right. I am not going to deny it. Even if I do not get fully engaged in posts of the people I follow I will at least double tap on their pictures and make some comments later on…

When I took my phone into my hands this morning 27.03.16 my feed was full of strange and hardly to understand messages for my still unawaken brain. ‘Keep Instagram chronological’, then ‘Turn on notifications’ with an arrow directed at right hand side corner of the screen and again ‘How to make me happy’ asking  followers to tap on three dots in the right hand side corner and clicking on turn on post notifications.



Some Instagram users were raging, fuming, panicking and were (and I guess still are) extremely peeved  including celebrities, bloggers, online businesses and other types of  Instagrammers with a very high number of followers still urging their followers to make sure they hit on that magic right hand side button to make them happy.

So, what is Instagram actually trying to do?

It has been reported by www.time.com  that Instagram will soon start to use ‘an algorithm to predict which photos its users are mostly likely to like. Those pictures will then appear higher in their feeds.’ The source also added that the new system is being selectively tested at the moment and its release date has not been yet revealed so your Instagram feed is not going to change overnight as some claim.

What it essentially means for Instagram users is that they will still be able to see their friends’ posts but in a slightly different order. The more popular pics will go directly to the top of their feed.

What will happen if you turn the notifications on?

Once you turn your friend’s post notifications on, each time they post an image on their Instagram feed you will receive a pop up message (apparently similar to Facebook notification) on your phone screen informing you about it, according to www.independent.co.uk and www.thenextweb.com

Now, with all this taken into consideration, it makes me think that, perhaps, this whole change will eliminate some Instagram feeds with poor and unappealing content making people think twice before they post an image but, on the other hand, it is really down to the person who ‘signs up’ to someone’s feed whether they actually want to double tap on it or not – de gustibus non est disputandum.

I follow around eight hundred accounts. They range from:

  1. friends who I know personally and want to see their holiday snapshots so my double tap is a way of saying hey I am with you and glad you are all fine;
  2. people I met through networking and respect for their creative work who I bow at by liking their work;
  3. accounts that I genuinely fell for because of their content – travel, animals, stunning people… ;
  4. and accounts of big fashion houses and celebrities that I just follow to get an insight into new releases, trends or announcements – just to be in the know.

Now, with big brands and celebrities, I have to admit, I just scroll through and rarely tap on their pics nor I try to interact anymore as I have never got any interaction back. They have their big, sometimes desperate audiences (who are usually in their teens) and who are just there to gain more followers.

So, it leads me to think (perhaps very naively) that with this massive shift of Instagram, would it be more sensible or, let’s say, tactical for me to unfollow the A-Listers pack to eliminate the competition between not-so-really-fantastic feed of @LadyGaga (17.7million followers) and,  for example the creative and lush feed by @teresa_cucala (2980 followers) who I genuinely like and support? Why should Lady Gaga’s poor quality pic/post of her Yves-Saint Laurent scarf and plumped up lips go instantly to the top of my feed eliminating the likelihood of me seeing great work by this visual artist because her likes number is just less than that of Gaga? Is that fair or is it just new Instagram’s tactics to, perhaps, create more revenue to encourage new start-ups and personalities for more sponsored posts on their platform?

Feed of @teresa_cucala
Feed of @teresa_cucala

Let’s watch this space.


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