Small and gorgeous pendants at a shop called KJ’s Laundry. I love the presentation in the window shop as well. And you know what… I would take the whole frame with all of the pendants and hang the frame in my living room as a piece of art. Loved it!


Quirky pendants in the shop window


Window shopping 3
The amazing Sequin headdress (£75). I could not stop looking at it in front of the shop (V V Rouleaux). What I found, is that the shop offers range of ribbons, gifts, beads and souvenirs. A magical place for sewing and any crafts. I can see this headdress as a great accessory for any evening dress…. I would pair it up with a veil to create a dramatic effect of mystery and femininity. I know, we might have seen this combination before, but I believe it would still catch on… Wedding, glamorous party? What do you think? Would I take a risk if I attached it to a beanie hat instead of pompon?


Sequin headdress


Just a suggestion…..
Window shopping 4
Colourful jewellery at Oliver Bonas. This high street shop has got an interesting collection of accessories. I have to say that I love all of them and I am not critical about any of the pieces. Yes, they might be a mass production but, I am certain that they would brighten any t-shirt, blouse, or dress up.
Window shopping 5
 The last shop catching my eye was De Ploy London. It is still winter and I guess the two pieces that you can see from the pictures would make a nice warm garment. The fury jacket with grey pockets is so versatile. It can be worn with an elegant hat or a simple beanie hat. I would put red one…


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